Selfie is a big crime in Saudi Arabia (the sacred world)

Day by day the use of the camera is enhancing because of the technical world. Most of the pilgrimage unable to remember that they are on the way of Allah not come for enjoyment. Somehow, many of us have the habit of taking a selfie, but this is banned in the sacred world.


Because of a few reasons, the restriction of the captured picture is applied by the Saudi Arabia government; as a result, it is considered that Selfie is a big crime. The Saudi kingdom issued a declaration that shows the restriction of taking any picture.


The increasing trend of capturing memory in Saudi Arabia

It is seen that journey isn't appreciating their otherworldly demonstration and taking a selfie for partaking in social destinations that speak to the religious esteem. Most of us didn’t know why Selfie is a big crime. People forget that they are present in the world of Ihram and here they have only come for worship. Rather than performing a spiritual obligation, pilgrimage is busy to upload a picture in social sites. It seems like they are just here to feel proud. 


Undoubtedly, keeping in mind the prohibited notice, some pilgrimage does not hesitate to take a selfie or capturing the moments just for sharing on a social media platform. The Hajj and Umrah Affair, as well as the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia, have started a survey just for capturing the rate of taking a selfie.


The Trend of the Selfie is Stopped Now

Don’t you think taking a selfie in Saudi Arabia must be stopped now

Not only ordinary people making a selfie but also all the celebrities are involved in this act. They are not afraid of sharing their best moment like in Bait-ul-Allah or Masjid-e-Nabwi. Now taking a selfie is considering as a big crime because most of the pilgrimage are injured when they are busy in capturing the precious moments.


It was excessively for Saudi Arabia that numerous issues are emerging step by step. In the interim, the declaration was made a year ago that the Directorate of Hajj Affairs formally restricted the act of selfie in Mecca. While keeping in mind many references it seems like Selfie is a big crime.


The specialists will undoubtedly implement this order similarly as the seizure of utilizing a cell phone to perform Umrah. As per the Saudi media, this choice additionally originates from the need to respond to the burden that brought about by taking photos that shows inside or outside the sacred spots. For a valid justification, any infringement of this disallowance could be vital. On the off chance that the gadget utilized just for contact as opposed to taking previews. Meanwhile, it is not restricted to use your device in Masjid-e-Haram.


Ending lines


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